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Proceedings of the 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference
Edited by Gábor Stépán, Gábor Csernák • Publisher: CongressLIne Ltd.
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Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 399

On the Dynamics of Dimpled Electrostatic MEMS Actuators

Ayman Alneamy, Majed Al-Ghamdi, Mahmoud Khater, Sangtak Park, Eihab Abdel-Rahman, Glenn Heppler, Beichen Li, Ridha Almikhlafi

Nonlinear Phenomena in Mechanical and Structural Systems

ID 381

Parametrically excited inertial sensors

S. Amir Mousavi Lajimi, Eihab Abdel-Rahman

Experiments in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

ID 508

Parametric Excitation and Detection of Electrostatic MEMS Actuators

Alaa Elhady, Sangtak Park, David Effa, Eihab Abdel-Rahman, Mustafa Yavuz

Micro- and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems

ID 378

Demonstration of Electrostatic MEMS Bifurcation Sensors

Majed Alghamdi, Mahmoud Khater, Stewart Katherine, Ayman Alneamy, Ridha Almikhlafi, Sangtak Park, Eihab Abdel-Rahman, Alexander Penlidis

Fluid-Structure Interaction

ID 109

Periodic Regimes Caused by Ice-Fluid-Simple Oscillator Interaction

Andrei Abramian, Dmitry Indeitsev

Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 85

Worst-case analysis of approximate straight-line motion mechanism with link tolerances and joint clearances

Narendra Akhadkar, Vincent Acary, Bernard Brogliato

Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 253

Modification of Moreau-Jean’s Scheme for Energy Conservation in Inelastic Impact Dynamics

Carlos Yoong, Mathias Legrand, Vincent Acary

Computational Methods

ID 166

Computing solution surfaces of quasilinear PDE's by continuation

Pablo Aguirre

Systems with Time Delay

ID 500

Solution of Scale Dynamic Systems

Aftab Ahmed, Erik Verriest

Energy Transfer and Harvesting in Nonlinear Systems

ID 512

Parametric resonance of a nonlinear energy harvester for torsional vibrations

Panagiotis Alevras, Stephanos Theodossiades, Homer Rahnejat, Tim Saunders

Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design

ID 172

Non-linear dynamics for contactless characterization of graphene

Farbod Alijani, Dejan Davidovikj, Marco Amabili, Peter G. Steeneken

Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design

ID 102

Nonlinear dynamics of a fluid-filled hollow microcantilever subjected to flowing particles

Farbod Alijani, Pierpaolo Belardinelli, Murali Ghatkesar

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems

ID 417

Identification of Nonlinear Damping for Large-Amplitude Vibrations of Plates and Shells

Marco Amabili

Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems

ID 418

Dynamics of Statically Pre-Loaded Human Aorta with Residual Stresses

Marco Amabili

Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 440

Discontinuous dynamics of wheels with a towed axis

Mate Antali, Gabor Stepan

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 37

A real-time gesture classification using surface EMG to control a robotics hand

Yannick Aoustin

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 316

Position Control of an Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Using Takagi-Sugeno Techniques

Robert Prabel, Harald Aschemann

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems

ID 231

Nonlinear dynamical response of fluid conveyed thin-walled piezoelectric cylindrical shell

Alireza Shooshtari, Vahid Atabakhshian

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems

ID 158

Dynamics of Ball Bearings with Damages at Outer Raceway Surface - Vibration Response under Different Loads

Ivana Atanasovska, Natasa Soldat

Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 156

Low-dimensional piecewise smooth maps with an unpredictable number of switching manifolds

Viktor Avrutin, Zhanybai T. Zhusubaliyev, Erik Mosekilde

Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design

ID 182

A nonlinear model for design of beams operating in largely deformed configurations

Enrico Babilio, Stefano Lenci

Time-periodic systems

ID 488

Stability and Vibration Amplitude of the Quasi Periodic Delayed Mathieu Equation with Frequency-Modulated Coefficients

Daniel Bachrathy

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems

ID 308

Non-linear dynamics of a rotor system with compliant seal

Simon Baeuerle, H. Hetzler

Micro- and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems

ID 517

Uncertainty Quantification and Response Reliability for a Nonlinear Resonant MEMS T-beam Structure Undergoing 1:2 Autoparametric Resonance

Anil K. Bajaj, Rajat Goyal

Reduced-Order Modeling and System Identification

ID 490

Model reduction for mercury porosimetry: invasion percolation on regular, exotic and random networks

Bendegúz Dezső Bak

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 286

Nonlinear Normal Modes of Coupled van der Pol Oscillators Exhibiting Synchronisation

Jithin Velayudhan, Bipin Balaram

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 278

Chattering motion of rigid objects

Tamás Baranyai, Péter L. Várkonyi

Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems

ID 505

The role of vibrations in tactile perception

Marco Barbieri, Ramona Fagiani

Computational Methods

ID 63

Topological changes in slow-fast systems: chaotic neuron models

Roberto Barrio

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 267

The driven Rayleigh-van der Pol oscillator

René Bartkowiak
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