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Proceedings of the 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference
Edited by Gábor Stépán, Gábor Csernák • Publisher: CongressLIne Ltd.
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Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 38

Control of a vertical mode of a cable by a nonsmooth oscillator

Alireza Ture Savadkoohi

Energy Transfer and Harvesting in Nonlinear Systems

ID 39

Energy exhanges in a system of a forced linear structure coupled to a chain of nonlinear oscillators

Simon Charlemagne, Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, Claude-Henri Lamarque

Computational Methods

ID 40

Numerical Study on the Waveform Evolution in Metal Material

Lan Wei, Xin Yu, Miao Zheng, YuXia Liu

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems

ID 41

Non-linear dynamics of a Disc Brake System under Moving Loads

Qian Ding, Xin Sui

Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 42

Analysis of Pivoting Algorithms for LCPs in Redundant Contact Dynamics

Andreas Enzenhöfer, Marek Teichmann, József Kövecses

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 43

Dynamic analysis of a flexible manipulator with embedded PZT actuators based on FE method

Shao Minqiang

Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design

ID 44

A Generalised Nonlinear Isolator-Elastic Beam Interaction Analysis for Extremely Low or High Supporting Frequency

Jing Tang Xing, Yeping Xiong, Kamal Djidjeli, Khairiah Kamilah Turahim

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 45

Torsional vibration damper design using Augmented Lagrangian Particle Swarm Optimization

Philipp Mall, Alexander Fidlin, Arne Krüger

Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems

ID 46

Vibration localization and snaking bifurcations in a purely mechanical system

Antonio Papangelo, Aurelien Grolet, Norbert Hoffmann, Michele Ciavarella

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 47

Using a robust torus to control chaos in low density beams

Meirielen De Sousa, Iberê Caldas

Experiments in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

ID 48

Data preparation for execution of experiments on rigid body motion in a resisting medium

Maxim V. Shamolin

Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design

ID 49

An anisometric dynamical integrity measure and its seamless variation with respect to other measures

Pierpaolo Belardinelli, Stefano Lenci, Giuseppe Rega

Systems with Time Delay

ID 50

An Online Control Strategy for Time Delayed Vibration Absorber

Feng Wang, Jian Xu

Systems with Time Delay

ID 51

Optimization Criterions of a Multi-Time-Delay Controlled Isolation System with Asymmetrical Nonlinearity

Xiuting Sun, Shu Zhang, Jian Xu, Huijie Yu, Shenlong Wang, Yao Yan

Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems

ID 52

An Influence of Nonlinearity and Discontinuity on Sound Transfer in Reconstructed Middle Ear

Rafal Rusinek

Wave Propagation in Mechanical Systems

ID 53

Solitary Waves in Dimer Binary Collision Model: A Comparative Study with Granular Dimers

Zaid Ahsan, K. R. Jayaprakash

Wave Propagation in Mechanical Systems

ID 54

Wave Propagation in Granular Dimers Mounted on Linear Elastic Foundation

Zaid Ahsan, K. R. Jayaprakash

Energy Transfer and Harvesting in Nonlinear Systems

ID 56

Analytical Solution for Energy Harvesting from Nonlinear Transverse Vibration of an Asymmetric Bimorph Piezoelectric Plate

Hamed Shorakaei, Alireza Shooshtari, Giuseppe Rega

Wave Propagation in Mechanical Systems

ID 57

Influence of Metal Internal Defect on the Propagation of Shock Wave

Miao Zheng

Non-Smooth Dynamics

ID 58

Investigation of the dynamics of the wiper blade around the reversal

Motoki Unno, Atsushi Shibata, Hiroshi Yabuno, Dai Yanagisawa, Tomonori Nakano

Fractional Derivatives

ID 59

Fractional-Order Controller Design Based on the Nyquist Diagram for the Vibration Control of a Flexible Beam

Naoki Yoshitani, Masaharu Kuroda

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 60

Two-dimensional motion of a body carrying movable internal masses

Felix Chernousko

Computational Methods

ID 61

Fractional order convergence of time-discretizations for semilinear PDEs

Claudia Wulff

Systems with Time Delay

ID 62

Delay-Differential Equations Applied to Queueing Theory

Jamol Pender, Richard Rand, Elizabeth Wesson

Computational Methods

ID 63

Topological changes in slow-fast systems: chaotic neuron models

Roberto Barrio

Micro- and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems

ID 64

Devil's Staircase in an Optomechanical Cavity

Eyal Buks

Reduced-Order Modeling and System Identification

ID 65

Reduced-order Modeling of Strongly Nonlinear Systems Using Measured Time Series

Keegan Moore, Christopher Herrera, Mehmet Kurt, Melih Eriten, D. Michael McFarland, Lawrence Bergman, Alexander Vakakis

Random Dynamical Systems - Recent Advances and New Directions

ID 66

Evolutionary Dynamics of Membership Distribution Functions of a Forced Triple Well Potential System with Fuzzy Uncertainty

Ling Hong

Wave Propagation in Mechanical Systems

ID 68

Numerical Investigation of pad or air gap between the high explosive and flyer in impelling

Xin Yu

Computational Methods

ID 69

Capturing similarity solutions in multidimensional Burgers' equation

Jens Rottmann-Matthes
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