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Conference papers ISBN 978-963-12-9168-1

Proceedings of the 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference
Edited by Gábor Stépán, Gábor Csernák • Publisher: CongressLIne Ltd.
Front matter

Systems with Time Delay

ID 115

Planar Motions in Grinding Chatter

Yao Yan

Reduced-Order Modeling and System Identification

ID 529

Prediction of transonic Aerodynamic Forces via nonlinear reduced-order models

Zhijun Yang, Rui Huang, Yonghui Zhao, HaiYan Hu

Energy Transfer and Harvesting in Nonlinear Systems

ID 263

Vibration power flow analysis of typical nonlinear oscillators

Jian Yang

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 258

On the Trajectory Planning for the Control of All State Variables for Torque-unit Manipulator

Koji Yoshida

Wave Propagation in Mechanical Systems

ID 68

Numerical Investigation of pad or air gap between the high explosive and flyer in impelling

Xin Yu

Nonlinear Phenomena in Mechanical and Structural Systems

ID 294

Steady streaming in a vibrating channel with ratchet

Jie Yu

Nonlinear Phenomena in Mechanical and Structural Systems

ID 97

Nonlinear Resonances of a Rigid-Flexible Antenna System

Bensong Yu, Bensong Jin, Xiumin Gao, Ti Chen

Experiments in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

ID 142

Stabilization control for self-excited oscillation of cantilevered fluid-conveying pipe

Beiming Yu

Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design

ID 175

Hydrodynamics and stochastic dynamics of a parametric pendulum wave energy converter

Daniil Yurchenko, David Forehand, Ciaran Gilbert, Athanasios Giannenas, Panagiotis Alevras

Random Dynamical Systems - Recent Advances and New Directions

ID 169

Energy conversion in a dynamic vibro-impact system with dielectric elastomers

Gordon Thomson, Daniil Yurchenko
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