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Conference papers ISBN 978-963-12-9168-1

Proceedings of the 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference
Edited by Gábor Stépán, Gábor Csernák • Publisher: CongressLIne Ltd.
Front matter

Computational Methods

ID 241

Recent Advances in the Theory of Lagrangian Coherent Structures for Three-Dimensional Flows

David Oettinger, George Haller

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 359

Delay-Independent Partial Synchronization in Networks of Non-identical Nonlinear Systems with Transmission Delay Coupling

Toshiki Oguchi, Manabu Suzuki, Daisuke Yanagi

Systems with Time Delay

ID 98

Delayed Random Relays

Koki Shugishita, Toru Ohira

Control and Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems

ID 190

Tweezer control for chimera states in small networks

Iryna Omelchenko, Oleh E. Omel’chenko, Anna Zakharova, Matthias Wolfrum, Eckehard Schöll

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 217

Analysis of passive wearable spring-clutch device for energy saving during walking

Roee Keren, Yizhar Or

Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems

ID 235

Analysis of underactuated dynamic locomotion systems using perturbation expansion - the twistcar toy example

Ofir Chakon, Yizhar Or

Fluid-Structure Interaction

ID 202

Analysis of stability transitions in a microswimmer with superparamagnetic head

Yuval Harduf, Yizhar Or

Traffic and Vehicle Dynamics

ID 504

Nonholonomic lane change maneuvers for connected and autonomous vehicles

Gabor Orosz, Yiming Zhang, Wubing Qin, Chaozhe He, Sergei Avedisov

Fluid-Structure Interaction

ID 179

Modular Approach for the Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of a Pipe Conveying Fluid

Renato Maia Matarazzo Orsino, Celso Pupo Pesce

Computational Methods

ID 379

Global manifolds parametrised by isochrons

James Hannam, Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke Osinga

Slow-Fast Systems and Phenomena

ID 322

Interacting global and slow manifolds

Jose Mujica, Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke Osinga

Systems with Time Delay

ID 384

Runout in milling: Tiny cause with significant effects

Andreas Otto, Günter Radons
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