"A community of the world's leading executives, practitioners and academics dedicated to promoting the cause of quality."

IAQ is an independent, self-supported, non-profit, non-governmental organization that is administered by a collegial assembly of individuals who have been elected by their peers from among the most respected, active and experienced protagonists of quality in the world.

IAQ Mission

The Mission of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) is to fully utilize the Leadership of the Academicians worldwide, individually and in teams, to advance worldwide, the knowledge, understanding and communication of the philosophy, theory and practice of all activities involved in achieving quality for the benefit of people.

Purpose of IAQ

In 1966 the IAQ was founded jointly by the three leading quality organizations of that time: the American Society for Quality (ASQ), European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). The purpose of the IAQ is to promote the world-wide propagation of quality philosophy, methods, and practice as a means to address and resolve issues facing governments and organizations, especially those problems that globally affect mankind.

By our mutual contributions IAQ advances quality throughout the world for the benefit of humanity.

By our mutual contributions

We work collaboratively to achieve results, both as individuals and in actual or virtual teams.

IAQ advances quality

We seek to expand application of the philosophy, principles and methods of quality management, while developing new approaches to address the changing needs, particularly in the context of environment, conservation, healthcare and education.

Throughout the world

We will focus our priority on the fundamental social and economic needs of developing nations and ageing societies.

For the benefit of humanity

The benefit we seek is for humanity in terms of physical, emotional and intellectual well-being of people that could lead to peace and harmony with equity and justice for the greater good.

Core Values


We expect the best of ourselves and one another and the successful outcomes of our efforts.


We work together in voluntary activities using fact-based management that leads to excellence.


We honor individual cultures and beliefs that express the human spirit, cooperating in harmony with nature.


We stand up to challenges and maintain our convictions in the face of adverse conditions.


We reach out with openness, kindness and concern in our relations with others without politics.

The IAQ Membership

In our valid By-Laws IAQ membership is limited to one hundred Academicians, ten Companions, and one hundred Associate Academicians. In addition, there are membership grades of Honorary Member and Academician Emeritus which have no limitation. Currently, 137 IAQ Members represent over 45 nations.
Academicians are invited proportionately from among the major regions of the world and are approximately divided into thirds from Asia, America, and Europe-Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Individuals may not apply for membership as the Academy identifies and recruits both thought leaders and exceptional practitioners to receive invitations for membership.

What does the Academy do?

Academicians make significant personal contributions to the advancement of quality and collaborate on team-based projects through participation in Think Tanks that operate within the Academy. Academician outreach has helped to establish many national and regional quality organizations and IAQ has supported the United Nations in its early efforts to bring quality to the developing world. Currently, IAQ is assisting national quality movements in Brazil, Russia, India and China as they develop mature programs that support capacity development.


During the period 1988 to 2003 the Academy published a fifteen volume series of collected papers entitled "The Best on Quality." IAQ is converting these volumes to PDF format to make them available as open source e-books through this web-site. Four more books have been published by IAQ since 2003. It is planned that these books will be converted to PDF and made available as open source e-books on the fifth anniversary of their initial publication. Award-winning papers that have been presented at conferences by Academicians will be also available for public study.

The Academy Contact Newsletter is published once or twice a year to record information about the Academy's activities and its members. A public-release version of the Contact Newsletter may be downloaded from the links below (see Download Background Information).


The Academy has established a number of external awards that it administers annually:

Order of Honor in Quality

In addition, two awards are provided at present for internal service by Academicians

IAQ Relationships

IAQ maintains relationships with major regional, not-for-profit quality organizations in the world through its network of Regional Representatives. IAQ supports these organizations by: conducting dedicated topical research projects, providing keynote speakers for conferences, delivering symposia on focused topics of quality interest, and facilitating forums that encourage open dialog on quality-related subjects:

In addition, the Academy will support the development of national quality organizations through its globally-distributed network of Academicians. In countries which do not have a resident IAQ member, the Academy will so licit an Academician to "adopt" that nation to help support the early development of its national organization (typically a five-year commitment). If you wish to begin this process, contact the Administrative Office of the Academy to initiate the first steps.


Board of Directors

Janak Mehta, India – Chairman
Pal Molnar, Hungary – President
Glenn Mazur, USA – Secretary (Non-voting)
Charles A. Aubrey, USA – Member
Makoto Nakao, Japan – Member
Tilo Pfeifer, Germany – Member
N. Ramanathan, India – Member
Lars Sörquist, Sweden – Member
Joal Teitelbaum, Brazil – Member

Advisory Board

Yoji Akao, Japan
Marcos E. Bertin, Argentina
Noriaki Kano, Japan
Sr. Mary Jean Ryan, USA
Hans Dieter Seghezzi, Liechtenstein

Executive Officers

Pal Molnar, Hungary – President
Roland Jahnke, Germany – Vice President, Projects
Elizabeth M. Keim, USA – Vice President, Conferences
Robert E. King, USA – Vice President, Publication
Lars Sörquist, Sweden – Vice President, Examining
Janos Takacs, Hungary – Vice President, Communi.
Glenn Mazur, USA – Secretary-Treasurer


Mansoor Al Awar – Reg. Repr. Middle East
Bo Bergman – Reg. Repr. Europa
Grace Brannan – Reg. Repr. North America
Vladimir Okrepilov – Reg. Repr. CIS
Hiroshi Osada – Reg. Repr. Asia-Pacific
N. Ravichandran – Reg. Repr. India
Joal Teitelbaum, Brazil – Reg. Repr. Latin America
Tang Xiaofen – Reg. Repr. China

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IAQ Administrative Office

c/o American Society for Quality (ASQ)
600 N. Plankinton Ave
PO Box 3005
Milwaukee, WI 53201 U.S.A.

Contact: Mr. Michael Sullivan
Phone: +1-800-248-1946 Ext 7274
Fax: +1-414-765-8670
E-mail: msullivan@asq.org

Office hours: Monday-Friday 0700-1700 Central Time Zone USA