Wednesday, 30 August, 2017

Fabrizio Vecchio
Updates on human brain connectome from physiology to disease
Fabrizio Vecchio
Behaviour performance in a cognitive-motor task during learning processes: evidence from EEG network analysis
Christian Gerloff
Structurally informed analyses of functional connectivity in stroke
Paolo M. Rossini
Investigation method of neurodegeneration through brain connectivity modulation
Willem De Haan
Network intervention modelling in Alzheimer’s disease
Yeşim Parman
Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy (FAP): All aspects of the disease from diagnosis to treatment
Sevim Özdamar
Disease description: What is FAP
Yeşim Parman
Diagnosis and follow-up: common misdiagnoses
Görkem Şirin
What are the electrophysiological pitfalls in FAP
Hacer Durmuş
Disase management

Thursday, 31 August, 2017

Jean Isnard
Clinical investigation of insular cortex epilepsy (Date: 31 August)
Jean Isnard
Insular semiology: from observation of cases to cortical stimulation
Dang Nguyen
Non-invasive presurgical evaluation of insular cortex epilepsy
Pierre Bourdillon
Invasive EEG investigation of insular cortex epilepsy
D. Burke, D. Czesnik
Recent insights into axonal excitability and ion channel redistribution in neurological diseases
David Burke
Recent insights into the biophysical differences between human sensory and motor axons
Christian Krarup
Changes in voltage gated channels in regenerated axons distal and proximal to a nerve lesion
Hugh Bostock
Axonal excitability, Schwann cells and the 'Barrett-Barrett conductance'
Dirk Czesnik
Changes in the final common path in CMT1A and RLS
Geraldine Boylan
Neonatal EEG
Geraldine Boylan
Trial of a neonatal seizure detection algorithm ; the ANSeR study.
Fabrice Wallois
Ontogenesis of EEG: from preterm babies to the first year of life
Marie-Dominique Lamblin
cEEG and aEEG in hypothermia in term neonates with HIE
Ronit Pressler
AED development in neonates
Tudor Lupescu
Advanced EEG signal analysis in clinical practice
Tudor Lupescu
Andrei Barborica
Surface EEG versus intracranial EEG analysis methods
Ioana Mindruta
Clinical value of EEG signal analysis in presurgical evaluation for drug resistant epilepsy
Mihai Moldovan
Novel measures for EEG monitoring in coma
Ignacio Regidor
Clinical neurophysiology in movement disorders
Lidia Cabañes
Surface polymyography (EMG)
Ignacio Regidor
Auditory Startle Response
Manuel Alegre
John Rothwell
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
José Luis Relova
Microelectrode Recording
Satu Jääskeläinen
New insights into the pathophysiology and treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
Turo Nurmikko
Etiology of clinically established trigeminal neuralgia: role of MRI
Giorgio Cruccu
Neurophysiological data supporting peripheral mechanism of trigeminal neuralgia
Mark Obermann
Neurophysiological data favoring a central mechanism of trigeminal neuralgia
Joanna Zakrzewska
Pathophysiological implications and current evidence for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
Emre Öge/ Baris Baslo
Motor unit with an electrophysiological microscope: from inside and from outside
Erik Stalberg
Special phenomena in the MU during voluntary and electrical activation
Baris Baslo
SFAP to MUAP: temporal and spatial characteristics of MU
Emre Öge
MU characteristics by stimulation methods during acute and chronic denervation (CMAP, MUNE, CMAP scan and F waves)
Hatice Tankisi
Estimating motor unit number from CMAP scans-MScanFit MUNE
Sanjeev D. Nandedkar
Motor unit number index (MUNIX)
Róbert Bódizs
Sleep spindles and cortical up states
Peter Barthó
Role of cortical feedback on thalamocortical activity
Magor L. Lőrincz
State dependent activity in the visual thalamus
Péter P. Ujma
Cortical profile and functional significance of sleep spindles
Róbert Bódizs
Sleep spindles in humans: from invasive recordings to sexual dimorphism
Ivan Rektor
Subcortical modulation of cortical functions (Date: 31 August)
Robert Chen
Subthalamic nucleus and GPi stimulation and cortical plasticity
Elena Moro
Midbrain structures playing a role in movement disorders
Ivan Rektor
Basal ganglia and  thalamus in  cognition
Lars Wojtecki
Integrative role of the basal ganglia in sensory information processing: evidence from deep brain recordings and stimulation
Antonino Uncini
New insights into pathophysiology and electrodiagnosis of dysimmune neuropathies
Hessel Franssen
Pathophysiology of myelin and axon in dysimmune neuropathies
Antonino Uncini
Issues in the electrodiagnosis of Guillan-Barré syndrome subtypes
Yusuf A. Rajabally
Optimising the electrodiagnosis of chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy
Yann Péréon
Paediatric ENMG
Matthew Pitt
Why and how to assess the neuromuscular junction in children?
Karin E Eeg-Olofsson
What help can EMG provide in muscle disorders in children?
Yann Péréon
Demyelinating neuropathies in children
Norbert Kovács
The role of intraoperative electrophysiology in the clinical practice
Norbert Kovacs
Intraoperative electrophysiological examinations during deep brain stimulation: its role and controversies
Zoltan Mari
Review and update on intraoperative clinical neurophysiology
Laszlo B. Grand
Update on technological advancements in invasive neurophysiological activity monitoring and deep-brain stimulation
Michel Billiard/Szűcs Anna
Registering sleep objectively
Michel Billiard
The polysomnography of narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia: benefits and limitations
Béla Faludi
Polysomnography: from the bases to information content
Sándor Kántor
Polysomnographic abnormalities in rodent models of neuropsychiatric diseases
János Juhász
Polysomnographic ascertainment of sleep-related alteration of breathing control and pattern
Anna Szűcs
Polysomnographic features of parasomnias

Friday, 1 September, 2017

Giuseppe Granata
Robotic hand prosthesis and phantom limb pain
Giuseppe Granata
Restoration of somatosensory feedback and bidirectional real-time control of a prosthetic hand using peripheral nervous system signals
Takufumi Yanagisawa
Real-time control of a prosthetic hand using central nervous system signals
Robin Bekrater-Bodmann
Cause of phantom limb pain and CNS plasticity
Riccardo Di Iorio
Brain reorganization following the use of robotic hand prosthesis in four amputees
Péter Halász
The neurophysiology of sleep EEG constituens 1.
Péter Halász
Brief introduction
László Acsády
Cellular basis of sleep oscillations and gross dynamics of sleep
M. Lörincz
The thalamo-cortical system as central actor of NREM sleep
Anita Lüthi
Sleep spindles and their biological signifcance
Róbert Bódizs
Sleep slow wave oscillation and homeostasis
Péter Újma
Heterogenity of sleep slow waves
Hatice Tankisi / Hilmi Uysal
Axonal excitability and diabetic polyneuropathy
Hugh Bostock
Excitability testing in the 21st century
Hatice Tankisi
Mechanisms of diabetic neuropathy
Hilmi Uysal
Axonal excitability studies in diabetic neuropathy
Mark Hallett
Pathophysiology of blepharospasm revisited
Antonella Conte
Clinical features and blink reflex in blepharospasm
Lo Bour
Apraxia of eyelid opening
Josep Valls-Sole
Sensory trick and prepulse inhibition
Mark Hallett
Márk Molnár
The electrophysiology of aging
Krisztina Benedek
The role of high frequency EEG oscillations in cognitive decline and aging
István Czigler
Aging and automatic detection of deviancy in vision: Event-related potential studies
Kathrin Finke
Attention parameters and ERP correlates in aging individuals
Márk Molnár
Emotions, episodic memory and error monitoring – age-dependent event-related potential characteristics
János Tajti/László Vécsei
Primary Headaches and Clinical Neurophysiology
Martin Lauritzen
Spreading depression of Leão, its emerging relevance to acute brain injury in humans and new mechanisms
Judit Herédi
Investigating the kynurenine pathway in a novel – in vitro – model: possibility for simultaneous biochemical, histological and electrophysiological assessments
Árpád Párdutz
The modulation of CSD in animals
Tamás Zsigmond Kincses
MRI functional and structural alterations in primary headache disorders
Judit Áfra
Evoked potential studies in migraine: overview of results and hints to neuromodulation therapy
Delphine Taussig
Presurgical evaluation of children with pharmacoresistant epilepsy
Monica Eisermann
Video-EEG monitoring in young children
András Fogarasi
Periictal lateralizing signs in childhood seizures
Delphine Taussig
SEEG and epilepsy in childhood
Péter Halász
The neurophysiology of sleep EEG constituens 2.
Péter Halász
Microstructural dynamics in NREM sleep
Helen Bastuji
Sensory workup during NREM sleep
István Ulbert
Cortical unit and field activity during sleep cyclicity
Dániel Fabó
Sleep spindles and epilepsy
Péter Simor
REM-dreaming - emotions
Ann Ali Abdel Kader
Neuroplasticity in physical therapy
Salma Marzouk
Introduction to neuroplasticity and its application in neuro-rehabilitation
Hesham Nafea
Physiologic basis of neuroplasticity
Heba Raafat
Rehabilitation using transcranial magnetic stimulation
Ann Ali Abdel Kader
The effect of bilateral versus unilateral arm training on motor areas excitability in chronic stroke patients
Mye Basheer
Effect of reciprocal pedalling exercise on cortical reorganization and gait in stroke patients
Amira El-Gohary
Influence of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on cognitive and motor performance in Parkinson's disease patients
Dina Ahmed Abdel AAl EL Salmawy
The role of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in treatment of diabetic polyneuropathic resistant pain

Saturday, 2 September, 2017

Dániel Fabó
The interictal and ictal behavour of epileptic neurons (Date: 2 September)
Marco de Curtis
Different region-specific networks sustain focal seizures with a fast-activity onset: evidence from patients and animal models
Attila Gulyás
Generation of healthy and pathological synchronous events in the hippocampus: modulation of cellular and network parameters results in altered dynamics
Dániel Fabó
Paroxysmal depolarization shift – is it an interictal phenomenon in humans?
Martin Bares, Mario Manto
The mystery of cerebellum
Charlotte Lawrenson
Cerebellar contributions to fear behaviour
Mario Manto
The role of the cerebellum in motion control
Anita Kamondi
The role of the cerebellum in tremor genesis
Martin Bares
The role of the cerebellum in movement disorders
Loránd Erőss
Presurgical evaluation in epilepsy surgery
Ashes Mehta
Physiological properties of the seizure onset zone and brain connectivity: Insights gained from callosotomy procedures
Loránd Erőss
New approach to presurgical evaluation in epilepsy surgery
László Entz
Foramen ovale electrodes in epilepsy