The 22nd Annual Gabor Racz Advanced Interventional Budapest Pain Conference and Workshop

The 35th FIPP Exam August 31, 2017 • Budapest, Hungary

Dear Friends!

The 22nd Annual Gabor Racz Advanced Interventional Budapest Pain Conference and Workshops has set the dates. It is going to be in Budapest, Hungary on August 28, 29, 30, 2017. The program director is Gabor B. Racz M.D, FIPP and the Workshop Director is Miles Day M.D, FIPP. The Ultrasound Organizer is Agnes Stogicza M.D, FIPP, CIPS. The main focus of the conference is neuromodulation where the latest information will be presented and the opportunity to practice and improve skills in the practical workshops will be offered.

New trends in interventional pain management include minimally invasive surgeries and procedures. The evolving neuroplasty procedure for the cervical, lumbar and scarring triangle areas are of high interest. Recent evidence for the mechanism of not only spreading, but the inhibitory effect of hyaluronidase on the neurtrophil infiltration, may reduce post procedure inflammatory changes. The hypertonic saline inhibiting post procedure scar formation was observed for years but never fully understood. Current data will have impact on the use by the thousands of physicians.

Additionally, we need to follow regenerative medicine through the science and results of long standing research and clinical experiences. Relevant issues such as the balanced approach of opioid use will be addressed. Virtually every patient leaving our clinics has pain medications prescribed to them. Our mission must be to do this in the most safe and acceptable manner.

We are also very fortunate to have Dr. Agnes Stogicza as a leader in the field of ultrasound. She will be sharing all of her pearls of wisdom as she has assembled a first class faculty. The field is growing and we must grow with it.

There is exciting new information through the late Jim Heavner and Hemmo Bosscher; the description of the relevance of the peridural membrane and the likely role in back pain along with possible future therapies that may come as a result.

During our awards ceremony, we shall honor the Trail Blazers, a name coined by Jim Heavner. It is my pleasure to report to you that this year’s Trail Blazers are the late Professor David Niv, Professor Ricardo Ruiz-López, and Professor Serdar Erdine. The award ceremony will also have special significance as we have 996 FIPP’s and one only wonders who will be the lucky 1000th.

From the local arrangement and the brain child of the best practical teaching facility in the world, we also have to recognize the Trail Blazers, Dr. Edit Racz, MD, FIPP, Head of Anesthesia and Critical Care at Peterfy Hospital and Professor and Dean Emeritus of Semmelweis University, Professor Peter Sotonyi. And as always, we are grateful to all of our sponsors over the past 21 years who have so generously given resources to make this meeting a continued success.

The combination of lectures, practical workshops and FIPP examinations could only happen because of the giving of valuable time by the best possible faculty that share knowledge and experience with the participants. Come meet your colleagues and instructors from all over the world; they are excited to teach you. We promise to deliver the best educational goals and firmly believe this conference will offer an experience unlike any other.

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest and remember the meeting is August 28-30 and the FIPP Exam is August 31.

The atmosphere of Budapest, the food, music and your friends are waiting for you to come back or experience it for the first time to love it.

Gabor B. Racz, MD, FIPP
Director Budapest Conference
Founder and Past President WIP
Member of WIP Executive Board